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Training to Think, Build, and Run
Kubernetes like the experts 

Rapidly learn how experts design, deploy, and operate Kubernetes at scale with intensive bootcamp-style interactive training - led by consultants who do this daily.

Accelerate your skills. Accelerate your projects.

To really succeed with cloud, you need to:

Think like this.

Designing and architecting for cloud require a complete shift in thinking.

Build like this.

Building for cloud demands cloud native approaches and adaptable skills.

Run like this.

Operating for cloud needs collaboration, agility, and resiliency.

Eduk8s experts teach you to Think, Build, and Run for cloud.

Think like this

Build like this

Run like this

Architect with
Design Thinking 

It all starts here. Architecture and design processes set the foundation for your software delivery and operations.


Learn how to think for cloud


Understand how to apply key concepts, design principles, and architectural best practices of successful cloud and Kubernetes deployments.

Build natively for cloud to deliver value faster

Technology becomes your greatest asset when built flexibly, securely, and optimally for the nuances of cloud. 


Learn how to build for cloud

Boost your capabilities to produce software that is modular, efficient and scalable, quickly and consistently delivering business value. 

Operate and scale

Continuously evolving customer expectations set the pace for software evolution and performance.

Learn how to run for cloud

Master applying the principles

of software engineering expertise to DevOps and operations problems, delivering reliability and sustainability every time.

Fusing exceptional engineering with a passion for sharing knowledge.

Skills are the most critical factor for cloud success. Boost your skills rapidly with the years of experience and expertise of the Eduk8s instructors.

Combining our engineering experience with an interactive training approach gives you access to hands-on learning and real-world experience of what works, what doesn’t, and what to do when things go wrong.


Our experts are on hand to interact with, ensuring better knowledge retention and more successful and rapid outcomes for you and your organisation.

Eduk8s training ensures skills are elevated to accelerate your cloud projects and get to market faster, driving successful outcomes for your team and organisation.

Not all skills are the same. Need custom training for your team?

Training Offerings

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