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CKA Bootcamp

Get Kubernetes certified with our immersive hands-on training to accelerate your projects and scale your teams.

Prepare for the CNCF CKA exam

2-day bootcamp

Hands-on labs

Real-world insights and learnings

Fast-track your Kubernetes training with our interactive expert-led training designed to prepare you for the CNCF Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam.

Kubernetes is the de-facto choice for building internal cloud technology platforms. But operationalising a production-grade offering is complex and requires a sophisticated skill set. 

To meet this challenge and customer demand, we have built an immersive 2-day bootcamp with hands-on labs to give you the skills and experience necessary to not only pass the CNCF Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam, but to succeed with your real-world projects faster.

Certified Kubernetes Administrator Exam Preparation

Aligned with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation curriculum for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator course, you will be well prepared to pass this challenging hands-on exam.

Led by instructors with real-world experience

Designed and delivered by Kubernetes experts with many years of real-world experience designing, building, and operating Kubernetes environments.

Bootcamp-style intensity

Two days of immersive and focused training to get you prepared for the CNCF Certified Administrator Exam and take your Kubernetes projects to the next level.

Hands-on labs for real learning

Practice your skills and test real-world scenarios as you improve your knowledge and prepare to sit the CNCF Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam.

Given our uptake of Kubernetes, we have been trying to get our engineers CKA certified but cannot find suitable and reputable training partners who can not only coach our teams to get CKA certified but also share real life experience of managing kubernetes. Our firm believes that in today’s market you need to grow the expertise by training and supporting your staff.
Dan Hornby

Chief Executive Officer Innablr

Our other courses

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Certified Kubernetes Security Specialisation

Here you will learn how to design, build and operate secure Kubernetes environments. This course will walk you through all the theory, as well as practical hands-on exercises, everything you need to become a Kubernetes security specialist and successfully pass the CKS exam.

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  • How does this course help prepare me to successfully pass the CNCF Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam?
    We follow the CNCF curriculum to enable you to align to one of the most recognised 'DevOps' qualifications available: Certified Kubernetes Administrator.
  • We have an experienced team and just want exam prep, is this course for us?
    Yes. We can tailor the course to accelerate learning for experienced students who just want to prepare for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam.
  • We don't want another 'online' training class, can we attend in person?
    The hands-on instructor-led training can be delivered in-person or as a virtual remote-learning experience depending on your needs.
  • Will we be able to refer back to the material after the course has ended?
    Absolutely! You will have access to all of the training material even after completing the training.
  • How many students are in each class?
    We limit the class sizes to ensure we can teach face-to-face with a good ratio of trainers to learners. This enables you to learn at your own speed.
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