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Who We Are

We're engineers and architects with a passion for sharing and community.

Eduk8s was founded by the team of engineers and architects at Innablr, fusing exceptional engineering with a passion to share knowledge.


Our trainers have years of experience delivering transformational projects for large enterprises using public cloud technologies, cloud-native architecture and design-thinking principles, DevSecOps, and cloud-native application platforms. 


We have been through the joys and pains of learning what the most effective and efficient ways are to design, deploy, and operate highly successful Kubernetes and cloud deployments at scale.

We've put that experience into our training programs, compressing years of experience into intensive real-world learning to boosts skills for enterprise teams in a collaborative, interactive training setting.


Alex Bukharov

CEO, Principal Trainer

Prateek Nayak

Principal Trainer

Meet the team

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