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eduk8s launches in market

MELBOURNE, 12 December 2022 - eduk8s, an interactive and practitioner-led Kubernetes and cloud skills training provider for enterprise teams, has officially launched in the Australian market in response to the critical cloud skills shortage and the need for enterprises to get to market faster and more efficiently.

eduk8s training builds cloud skills that can hit the ground running.

Founded by the team of cloud engineers and architects at Innablr, eduk8s combines this engineering expertise with intensive course programmes to teach the most effective ways to architect, build, and run a modern cloud landscape.

Their trainers have years of experience delivering successful transformational projects for large enterprises across Australia using public cloud technologies, Kubernetes architecture and Design Thinking principles, DevSecOps, Site Reliability Engineering, and cloud native application platforms.

The rapid growth of cloud computing is challenging many organisations, especially as many continue to design, build, and operate the way they have in the past, which is not optimal for cloud. It's estimated that half the world's workforce will need to be reskilled by 2025, and as a result 97 million new roles are emerging due to digitisation (The World Economic Forum report).

Gone are the days of cookie-cutter, once-a-year training for teams.

Instead, to keep pace with innovation and remain competitive, organisations are turning to personalised and agile digital training experiences to create a culture of continuous learning and support for microcredentials — which can be achieved in hours or days, rather than months. In fact, over 85% of Australian and New Zealand organisations that have invested in digital skills training say they benefited by being able to fast-track their journey to digital transformation.

This is precisely the space that eduk8s is filling.

"We have been through the joys and pains of learning what the most effective and efficient ways are to design, deploy, and operate highly successful Kubernetes and cloud deployments at scale.

"We've put that experience into our training programs, compressing years of experience into intensive real-world learning to boost skills for enterprise teams so they can take advantage of cloud benefits faster,” says Alex Bukharov, CEO of eduk8s.

Prateek Nayak, Principal Trainer at eduk8s adds,

"By combining our expertise with an interactive training approach, we give you access to hands-on learning and real-world experience of what works, what doesn’t, and - importantly - what to do when things go wrong. Our experts are on hand to interact with, ensuring better knowledge retention and faster skills building.”

Expressions of interest are now open for their 2-day course, CKA Bootcamp, which is designed to prepare students for the CNCF Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam, as well as to build an actionable foundation for their real-world team projects. The bootcamp information can be found here:

eduk8s is also delivering customised training for enterprise teams to help accelerate cloud projects. For custom team training enquiries, contact the team here:

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